Temporarily Closed

Dear Quilting Sisters, 

After some very serious conversation Gina and Sue have decided to close Sew Together at least until April 7. We do not make this decision lightly but in order to preserve the health of our community and families. 


We will continue to check our phone daily (586-727-1555) and will respond to any requests or questions as quickly as possible. If you need something we can have it in the mail the next day if not sooner. 


Please check our Facebook page (Sew Together Quilt Shop) for photos of our fabrics.  You can also contact us by Messenger or by email (sewtogetherquiltshop@gmail.com). Please DO NOT try to shop from our website, since it is out of date. You will get a quicker response by phone or Facebook. 


We will also try to keep up our Instagram posts. 


Please stay safe. Let us know how we can help you. After 26 years in business we want you to know we appreciate all of you and keep you in our prayers. 


With love,

Gina and Sue